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We build profoundly functional notebook covers for a variety of notebooks.  Stock
covers, all of our select natural English Kip leather, protect and enhance A4 (8-1/2” x
12”) to extra small (2-1/2” x 4”) volumes from several prominent makers.  Our covers
are offered in dedicated sizes with specific features.  A full listing of our stock offerings
may be seen on the Non-Traditional Price List.
Gfeller Casemakers pioneered the slit
rear inside pocket to allow use of the
elastic closure on many of these
volumes.   We also extended the inner
pocket flaps to avoid the “cover bump”
typically associated with slip on covers. 
An annoying “bump” that occurs across
the beginning and ending volume pages.
Our interlocking pen loop is available on several cover sizes.  The loop strip is
integral with the cover flap.  It wraps around the pen and is stitched flat in the cover
seam.  This arrangement maximizes the strength of the loop and greatly reduces the
failure possibility of the loop.  Our customer feedback and past experience figured
prominently in the design of this loop…it is profoundly functional, just like everything we
Leather is a natural product that darkens with use and exposure to UV light.  This
darkening or patina is particularly evident on light colored specimens.  Our Natural English
Kip leather is finished without addition of dyes or other cover-up colorants.  We hand stuff
the leather with a light application of pure neatsfoot oil, finishing with a top coat that resists
moisture and grime.  The photo above shows a new production cover under another that
has seen service where it has been exposed to natural and fluorescent lighting.  The small
notebook cover directly under the pen has been in constant use for nearly three years. 
The patina development portrayed in this photo is typical, but your experience may be
slightly different depending upon use and environment.  The photo on the right shows
seasoned field gear surrounding a new PTC (belt case for Brunton compass used by
geologists and field engineers).