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Steve (Twister D) Derricott, raised in a ranching family in southeast Idaho, has over thirty years of leatherwork and rawhide braiding experience. 

In this showcase are some examples of Steve's work and the results you can get from the Lace Master™.
Derricott and braidwork apprentice Deana Attebery. Derricott is showing the finer points of using his string cutter to bevel leather strings prior to braiding. This helps the strings to lay flat and results in more uniform braidwork. Leather is beveled on the bottom and rawhide is beveled on the top. Derricott and Attebery were awarded a Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grant from the Idaho Commission for the Arts in 2002.
Making String
Derricott is shown here building the foundation for a heel knot on a bosal. The tool being used was made from a pitch fork tine and has a handle of elk antler. This type of tool is known as a fid and is used to create an opening in the braidwork for another string to pass through. An Uncle made this tool for my Father. I inherited this and several other tools that I use.
Heel Knot
Hackamore Bosal
Sixteen plait over two and under two (2/2) Rawhide (RH) Bosal with 32-plait nose button and eight bight, nine part (8B/9P) heel knot of (3/3) sequence with red RH interweave. A RH headstall with horsehair tassels is attached. This bosal and headstall is rigged with a twisted nylon fiadore rope. Approximately 240 feet of hand cut rawhide string is used in this article.
Close up of Heel Knot on Hackamore Bosal. This is a classic Pineapple knot. Also known as an 8 bight (outside loops to the knot) 9 part (number of strings crossed traversing the basic knot from top to bottom)Turks Head knot. The basic knot is interwoven into a 3/3 sequence. The third interweave is completed with red dyed RH string. Also shown is the 16-plait 2/2 braid pattern of the nose band.
Close up of headstall adjuster showing RH lace covered ring and 2/2 Pineapple knot with red interweave.
Scarf with Slide
Rawhide scarf slide made with Pineapple knot in 3/3 sequence and single row interweave of twisted horsehair. Very unusual.
Close up of scarf slide.
Assorted RH scarf slides made using woven knots to show some possible variations.
Rawhide Classics
Rawhide Bosal and Quirt with basket stamped leather popper. Bosal is 12 plait in 3/3 sequence with 24 plait nose button and side knots in contrasting darker RH. Also note contrasting interweave in heel knot.
Quirt is 16 plait in 2/2 sequence with 24 plait handle grip covering. The wrist loop is 8 plait with pineapple knot terminals. Note red interweave at top of handle covering. The popper is made from basket stamped saddle skirting leather.
Brad's Reins
Rawhide reins and romal commissioned by Mr. Brad Warburton of Ogden Utah. Mr. Warburton wanted reins of rawhide to duplicate the style of nylon parachute cord reins that he had acquired from old time braider Ether Parks of Malta, Idaho. The reins are 8 plait and the romal is 12 plait. This item was completed using over 300 feet of hand cut RH string.
Reins are 8 plait and held together with a pineapple knot at the top. Loop at the top of the romal is an oval 6 plait pattern that is later joined to braid the 12 plait romal. Note the red RH interweave in the 3 pass Cowboy Button Knot at the top of the romal.

Note the simple wheatgrass carving on the popper. Knots used are: Spanish Ring Knots, 4B/5P Turks Head with 3 pass Herringbone interweave, Cowboy Button Knot of 7 and 9 parts, and 6B/8P Turks Head with 2 pass Gaucho interweave.
Pencil Bosal
Rawhide pencil size (3/8") bosal. This 8 plait bosal is made on a twisted RH core and features a 24 plait nose button and round style heel knot.
Bosal with Contrast
This 12 plait bosal in 3/3 sequence is made on a 6 plait braided core. Though colored string is often used, Derricott prefers the subtle contrast achieved by using different shades of individual rawhide skins to accentuate differing braidwork features. Note the slight contrast displayed by the three rows of V's in the heel knot.
Bosal with Contrast
Another pencil sized bosal with subtle contrast. The nose button, side and heel knots are of a darker RH and the single interweaves at the ends of the nose button and in the heel knot are made from the same string used in the bosal body. This lends a very classy look to traditional RH braidwork.
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