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Quality Since 1946
2017 Gfeller
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A professional quality tool for
cutting and beveling leather and
rawhide to use in braiding
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Phone: 208-884-3766

Braiding Tool (Fid)
Ergonomic rosewood handle
Tool steel awl for a lifetime of use
Single Edge Razor Blades
A sharp tool is a safe tool
Box of 100
Pigtail Cutter
Produce your starting point for lace cutting from discs
Precision formed all steel cutter with durable powder coat finish. Boost your efficiency with this quality tool and maximize yield with a precision cut and placement in the center of your disc.
Pigtail Cutter Instructions
Step 1
Using center point established when the disc was cut, reposition devider to scribe a circle with 1 1/4" radius.
Step 2
Position cutter inside circle.
Step 1
Finished cut.
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