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Heavy leather for a long service.  Fits any pick or chisel head.  Long bridge leather keeps handle straight up.  Safety strap with heavy snap.  Belt slots are 2".  The HH is sized for Estwing leather and nylon grip picks.  The HHW features a longer bridge (front) leather to accomodate the larger cushion grip picks.

List     HH -
List     HHW -

Heavy leather.  Open style accomodates all pointed and chisel pick heads.  Can be worn on either side.  Safety is secured with heavy duty Lift-The-Dot fastener.  Quality craftsmanship.  Belt loop is 2"

List     SH

Same cut as standard Hammer Holster, made with buckle and billet so strap can be adjusted for heavy crack or drilling hammer.

List - CHH 

Completely encloses the pointed or chisel edge pick head of Estwing style hammers. Riveted construction with heavy snaps for long service. Belt loop is 2". Sizes available listed below. Based on Estwing head size, send tracing to ensure fit with other makes and sizes.

14 oz. pointed pick sheath - HS14
22 oz. pointed pick sheath - HS22
20 oz. chisel head - HS20C

Same cut as Hammer Sheath listed above, modified to allow handle to swivel when sitting or riding in vehicle. Pivot point is overlay reinforced for support. The belt loop is 2".

14 oz. pointed pick sheath - SHS14
22 oz. pointed pick sheath - SHS22
20 oz. chisel head - SHS20C

Quality leather. Loop takes belts to 2" wide. Carries/dispenses all standard flagging tapes of 1 1/4" width, with outside diameter under 4 1/2" and core size of 1" to 2 1/2". Cover held in place with heavy snaps. Friction of side panels keep tape from unrolling and prevents collapse of roll. Unit pays for itself in tape and time savings.

List - FTH

The SGCH is heavy leather hand blocked to fit the older style Estwing cushion grip Gad-point (3/4" hexagonal stock) and Splitting chisels (1 1/4" cutting edge). Quality stitched and reinforced with smooth capped rivets for extra service life.  Our ECH fits the new Estwing chisels up to 1-1/2 wide and 10 long.

List - ECH  (left image)
List - SGCH  (right image)

These items are made for use with the Estwing Gad/Pry Sampling Bar. The holster is of heavy leather shaped to securely hold this handy tool. Fits belts up to 2" wide. The two-piece guard provides simple effective protection against punctures and other possible damage during transport or in the field.

List - (Holster) GPBH
List - (Guard) GPBG
List - (both items) GPBS

Heavy leather stitched and riveted to form this unique guard. Several sizes available to protect other equipment and the sharp blade of any single or double bit axe or Pulaski. This unit avoids loss as it is small enough to fit in pockets. Positive hold may require grinding a notch in some straight blades.

List - AXG (Specify size) 
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